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IVO Addiction Research Institute is enthusiastic and motivated to collaborate with sponsors in addressing (research) questions about topics related to lifestyle, addictions and care. Our main focus is to improve the quality of life for vulnerable persons in our society.

Research, product development, education and training
We receive questions on a wide range of topics from our sponsors, including lifestyle, addictions and care-related issues. IVO Addiction Research Institute will help you find answers to research questions, solve policy issues, and assist you in developing screening questionnaires and care guidelines. We also organize courses for students and professionals.

Corporate Profile
By incorporating different perspectives, IVO Addiction Research Institute bridges the gap between research, policy and practice. We are motivated to invest in a fruitful collaboration with our sponsors to work together toward sound and solid reports or similar end products.

Thanks to the size of our institute (about 20 employees), we are a flexible team of experts covering a wide range of disciplines (e.g. psychology, epidemiology, public health, communication experts and sociologists). We also maintain close collaboration with four major Dutch universities. We are experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research and are interested in projects of all sizes. Our eagerness to learn helps us to continuously improve ourselves and remain up-to-date.

IVO Addiction Research Institute is a not-for-profit organisation and is exempt from VAT. This allows us to charge highly competitive prices.

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