IVO Rotterdam

PhD Research Project: Hard-core Smokers

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Developing and testing strategies to effectively reach and involve resistant hard-core smokers in tobacco control.

Sponsor: ZonMW

Most Dutch tobacco control interventions target smokers with medium or high levels of intention to quit. These interventions are less useful for smokers who have smoked for a considerable number of years and have little to no intention to quit. The aim of this project is to develop an online intervention targeting these ‘hard-core smokers’. This intervention will encourage hard-core smokers in a non-coercive way to reflect upon their smoking behaviour and smoking related cognitions.

Project overview
Four studies will be conducted within this project. In Study 1, we conduct focus group interviews among hard-core and non-hard-core smokers to understand their smoking related cognitions and outcome expectancies. Also, in the focus groups we will discuss methods to effectively reach this specific group of smokers. In Study 2 we conduct a survey to validate the results of Study 1 in a large group of hard-core smokers. With this second study, we also aim to find subgroups among hard-core smokers. In the intervention we use these subgroups to tailor tobacco control information. We conduct an experiment in Study 3 to test different techniques that encourage hard-core smokers to reflect upon their smoking cognitions.

Based on Studies 1-3, we will develop an online intervention, and test this intervention in a randomized controlled trial (Study 4).

Research team
J. Bommelé, MSc (PhD-student)
dr. T. Schoenmakers (supervisor)
dr. M. Kleinjan (supervisor, Radboud University Nijmegen)
prof. dr. D. van de Mheen (promotor)